Monday, 9 April 2012

Violet Secrets

The other day I came home 
With the nicest bouquet of violets
Found in the meadow

I rinsed them gently
Removed the stems
And let them dry
Then I started to boil
Water and sugar 
To get a light syrup

The sugar needs to
dissolve completely
Then I added some rose water
I allowed the syrup cool a bit
And gently added
The violets I had gathered

I kept them in the syrup until the next day
Then I gently heated the saucepan
 Until the syrup was warm enough

Then I took each single violet
And placed it on waxed baking paper to dry
(it took a day or so)
I still have a few of the violets
That I gathered and candied last year
I use them for cakes and for ice cream

But especially I use them as a wee reminder
That those spring days full of sweet flower scents
Are always over too quickly

(Lucky me who can store a bit of those spring days in a jar throughout the year)


Enjoy your walk across the meadows and fields!



Wednesday, 4 April 2012

New Dates for Dollmaking Classes: Amsterdam, Ulm, Berlin and e-course

Dear readers,

 I have the pleasure to announce quite a few doll making classes for the coming months. 

Weekend classes
  • Amsterdam/ Netherlands 21/22 of April (in English, nearly booked up, only two spots available). The photo theme for our dolls will be cupcakes, printed on fabric, crocheted ones or whatever you come up with ;-)
  • Berlin/ Germany 16/17 of June (in German). Because it is the perfect time of the year for such fruits, the photo theme for the dolls made in this class will be strawberries, as appliqués, fabric prints or wee sewn forest strawberries - you decide!
  • Ulm (Aufheim)/ Germany 14/15 of July (in German, only a few spots left). Our theme will be butterflies, on hairclips, embroidered on dolly dresses - it is up to you ;-)
We will meet both days from 09:30 a.m. to 06:30 p.m. Each class costs 190€/person plus 20€ for material (pre-sewn body parts, wool batting, dollmaking needles, mohair yarn, sewing thread, embroidery floss etc., you only have to bring scissors, pins and a measuring tape). As always, my weekend classes are open only for people who do not intend to sell dolls or use dolls for any other commercial purposes.
(My plastered fingers, doing some touch-up for one of my students)

As a student, you should have some experience in sewing, especially by hand - that is what you´ll need most. Since all body parts are pre-sewn, you won´t need a sewing machine (I´ll bring mine for the head covers). You will each make a 45cm cloth doll, based on my patterns and techniques.

Even though a mohair wig might not be finished at the end of the class or a neckline not fully sewn but pinned*, each of you will go home with a doll and lots of new skills, knowledge and inspiration.

*that is what I promise. Last time I got up at 05a.m. just to help a student who had to leave earlier due to a case of illness in her family. Take me at my word ;-)
Me, with tousled hair and tired eyes after a long and intense weekend. Even if improvised (here we had to use the last day light, a bench outside and vintage wallpaper as a background), your finished doll will get photographed after the class with a pretty dress on and rouge on her cheeks).
Especially the Amsterdam and Berlin class are very close to my heart - in Amsterdam we are going to meet at my dear friend´s Ineke/ Poppenatelier, close to Concertgebouw and in Berlin at the Ernst Busch School for Dramatic Arts/ faculty of puppetry (next to Theater an der Parkaue, Berlin Lichtenberg), where I have studied. 

You can imagine how inspiring it will be to work both at Ineke´s and at the theatre school, I am so much looking forward to it!
Lots of embroidery floss for cute little faces...

For those of you who can´t make it to Germany or the Netherlands in Spring - there will be another 
 e-class, a four week´s course in dollmaking. 

We start the 12th of May and will meet virtually until the 11th of June (plus two additional weeks in which you can still visit the class website, make notes and ask questions). Each of you will receive a material kit, including everything you need for a happy doll making class, even with chocolate and tea and a scenting lavender sachet.

The e-class costs 250€ and includes access to the class website, individual feedbacks, material set + shipping. More info can be found here. 

If you are interested in one of the classes, please email me at classes@frokenskicklig com, subject "weekend class" or subject "e-class summer" (depending on what you choose of course).

 I am very much looking forward to meeting new students and quite a few people who come for the second or third time to join my classes. Whether it will be an e-course or a weekend class, you will have lots of fun, I promise!



P.S. Photos in this post by courtesy of Ramona Weyde Ferch. Please do not use without written consent. Ramona has been at my class for the second time, you can read a review on her blog Jademond (in German)

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Little Red Riding Hood


Little Red Riding Hood, a custom doll I made in December (I have still quite a few dolls to share with you from 2011). She is 45cm tall and is wearing garments all made from organic fabrics. The ivory-brown-dotted fabric and the one with the Little Red Cap were designed by my friend and colleague Suse/ RevoluzZza

This year it is the 200th anniversary of the Children's and Household Tales by the Brothers Grimm (the fairy tale collection got first published in 1812. I am very much looking forward to sharing more dolls with you that are inspired by this wonderful collection.

I will be back tomorrow with new class updates, quite a few classes are new on the schedule (including a new e-class) in the coming four months.

Have a nice day!