Monday, 27 February 2012

Do you want to know a secret?

 Do you want to know a secret?
[Pull the button...]
 life´s a party


I love to make Magic Boxes as birthday gifts, for special occasions, weddings, for wee presents.
When you pull the button, the box magically opens and reveals a little diorama. 
On the backside of the box there is a wee note as well. 
This Magic Box was a gift for a dear friend.

Based on this little tutorial of mine, I have seen lots of those Magic Boxes lately. Lovely to see that so many people like the idea. 

I often use small figures for model trains (mine are for H0 scale trains), the box is a large matchbox, size 11x6.5x2cm, I got mine from the craft store. Usually I use fabric to cover the box, this time I used glossy cardboard and stitched the label onto the front. The tree is a H0 scale tree for model trains as well. The wee buntings were made with washi tape and string. 

Call me childish or not - but I could pull the button with the string for hours just to see how the box magically opens...



P.S. I got asked where to buy H0 scale figures. You can get them in any model craft shop, you could search after a supplier here (the ones I used for this box were Vollmer figures) or simply google model craft railroad figures and I am sure you will make a find.

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